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Book review: The King’s English

This is a great read. A funny, sensible, but also sometimes a skittish romp of a read. The whole book is infused with a sharp humour as one reads how Kingsley feels the English language should be used. Actually, sometimes … Continue reading

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Things happen quicker when you are an asshole…

…but not necessarily better. I always knew this to be the case. Things do seem to happen faster for those who are in asshole mode the whole time. But, it is not necessarily better. There is usually the ‘burning bridges’ … Continue reading

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Tech writers and graphics

I wonder how many tech writers are required to create graphics as well as writing content. From my experience this can be the case in small to medium sized companies. Any larger company and there is a designated graphic design … Continue reading

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What is style?

The bricks and mortar of style in technical writing is the same as that for newspapers and journals etc. That is, to make sure that the terminology used throughout your output is consistent and follows the house rules. The house … Continue reading

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Creating a Style Guide step 1

I think I’ll create a category that is only dedicated to style. Its such an important issue in tech writing. A lot of style guides out there are very much the same, they have the same basic points on style … Continue reading

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