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Style Guide 2.0

There is a particular subject I have been circling for some time with regards to style issues in tech writing; most corporate style guides give no indication of a unique style and instead concentrate on ensuring some basic generic principles … Continue reading

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In or out of Project teams?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how teams in tech writing should be organized, or at least, how they should be organized in relation to other teams that they work with. I found a very thoughtful post at on … Continue reading

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Adobe Framemaker 11 and XML

Will there come a day when Framemaker is not synonymous with technical writing? Yes. Has that day arrived? Possibly. Framemaker has been the tool of choice for a lot of technical documentation teams over the past decade, and is still … Continue reading

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Future work environment

Is this how you sit at your workstation? You have probably had some ergonomic consultation if you work for a large company and have been told about the best way to sit when working. But, how is this picture changing? … Continue reading

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Dictionaries and thesauri

  It might be strange to write a review of reference material, but dictionaries and thesauri have been transformed in the last few years by the web and I think it only fair to write some words on that. We … Continue reading

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