Future work environment


Is this how you sit at your workstation? You have probably had some ergonomic consultation if you work for a large company and have been told about the best way to sit when working. But, how is this picture changing? Is this how we are going to work in a few years time? Or, will this look as outdated as those desks stacked with paper but missing the essence of our livelihood, the computer, that you see in photos and films from the 1970s?

I hope, at least, that we move away from typing. Its hard on the fingers and hands and keeps us in a constrained position. And a constrained position usually leads to less creativity. The more boundless you feel, usually the more ideas come freely flowing. That is why writers often talk about ideas coming to them as they walk or jog or drive.

I think in tech writing it could lead to a more open approach to the written word. If we get away from the confinement of the desk and the keyboard, we might see more possibilities in how we do things. I don’t think the written word will ever go away, and I hope not, but I do hope that voice control software becomes better.

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