Technical writing and India

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India is now well established as a hub for IT. And, unlike other Asian countries India has also been able to reap the benefits of having English as a spoken and official language. This of course means that India was well-placed for technical documentation needs.

Initially, Indian technical writers got a bad press in the West, especially in the US where they were seen as a threat and as not having the same standard. There were justifications to some of the criticism leveled at Indian tech writers in those first years, but as the years have gone by the standard has improved dramatically and there are quite a few Indian-based companies offering courses in the field. TWB is an example.

There are still some issues with technical writing in India and they are to do with how English is spoken on the sub-continent. I wrote in a previous post about how native English speakers find it difficult to write for a global audience and the same holds true for Indian tech writers too. The English spoken in India is formal and rigid compared to the English spoken in the US, for example.

In Indian written English it is common to use the pronoun ‘one’, e.g. ‘When one is writing’ instead of the more common ‘you’ (in US and UK English) e.g. ‘When you are writing’. This can really grate after a while and also sounds old fashioned.

But, India is crying out for more tech writers and it is a continuously growing discipline there. The future for tech writing is very bright in India and this means that it is attracting talented and bright individuals.

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