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Creating headers in Ditamaps

I found it difficult to find relevant information on the web about how to create anything below a level-heading 2. In my Ditamaps the heading 2 is the topic level and therefore, as soon as a topic is added to … Continue reading

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God is a technical writer

The ten commandments is possibly the most famous piece of technical writing in the western world and it was written by God himself (or so you might believe if you are a member of one of the Judeo-Christian religions). The … Continue reading

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DITA and CMS overview

DITA has been around awhile now, but is not universally used by technical documentation teams. However, it has become the most popular standard in structured formats for technical writing, overtaking the likes of Docbook. I suppose one of the main … Continue reading

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Adobe Framemaker 11 and XML

Will there come a day when Framemaker is not synonymous with technical writing? Yes. Has that day arrived? Possibly. Framemaker has been the tool of choice for a lot of technical documentation teams over the past decade, and is still … Continue reading

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