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Readability tests

I once had a colleague/SME asking me if I used readability tests for checking the technical documentation. “Something like Flesch-Kincaid” he said. I had no idea what he was talking about. It sounded sinister with the name ‘Flesch-Kincaid’ and I … Continue reading

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Serial comma (Oxford comma)

  Commas seem to cause a lot of dismay among writers and subs generally. Their purpose, how they work, where to place them seems to cause unending consternation. I think that might be one reason there is some hostility to … Continue reading

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My plain English might not be your plain English

There are a lot of words that are known to only specialists and can make non-specialists feel like outsiders. The Plain English Campaign in the UK and its sister organisations in other countries tries to confront the problem of specialist … Continue reading

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Latin abbreviations in technical writing

Many style guides as well as simplified English and plain English campaigners share a common goal of wanting to eradicate Latin loan-words from English, and this includes Latin abbreviations. This post from a 2012 entry on ferswriteshoe blog is nice … Continue reading

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Shall vs. Will

In an earlier post, one in which I was trying to be funny, I mentioned shall or indeed, shalt, as a sign that god was a technical writer. But, when do you use shall or will? What is the difference? … Continue reading

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Book review part two: For Who The Bell Tolls by David Marsh

I wrote about this book in an earlier review. Well, I just want to add that the second part of Chapter 6 has become invaluable to me. It starts under the sub-heading┬áMore Words That Cause Confusion, Anger or Despair. This … Continue reading

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Hiring a tech writer: cross-over skills

Hiring someone with the right skills for a position of technical writer can be difficult. The job is more diverse these days and cannot be merely pigeon-holed as ‘manual-writer’. In fact, the skills and expertise needed between one tech writer … Continue reading

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